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Karing Loving's mission is to provide the highest quality of child care possible. Our developmental program includes age- appropriate activities to help develop and enhance your child's intellectual, emotional, physical, and social growth. Activities include large motor skills, language development, music, art and social interaction in a safe, clean, loving environment. Services are available,inluding Occpational therapy speech and psychological services.


Taking Care of Your Child

Have a look at the short video below to gain an insight into how we take care of the children at Karing Loving.


Everyday is A Fun Day

Karing Loving Daycare/ Preschool offers part-time and full-time hours, including breakfast, lunch, and afternoon snacks, along with different activities for kids to enjoy the whole day.


Our Classes

Karing Loving Daycare Preschool aims to be a home away from home, a playful, nurturing, safe environment. We dedicate ourselves to serving our community. Following are the classes we offer:

Infant (6+ weeks)

Our Infant program has a loving, knowledgeable, dedicated, and conscientious staff that cares for up to five children between the ages of six weeks to eighteen months.

Toddlers (1.5 years – 3 years)

Your Toddlers will love daycare at Karing loving! Our child development center will help your child build a strong and healthy mind for the exciting school years ahead.

Pre-Kindergarten (3 years – 4 years)

Our child development center offers a curriculum of activities for pre-kindergarten aged children to encourage writing, pre-reading, pre-math, and pre-science skills.

Kindergarten (4 years – 5 years)

Our center focuses on letters, words, numbers, and early science and math concepts to stimulate kindergarten students' young imaginations.

The Growing Child (6 years – 12 years)

Our skilled staff offers your children the learning environment that addresses school-age children's educational and emotional needs.

Discover Our Daycare

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